Below is a division of all required sections when building a presentation. Depending on what needs to be done, some steps can be missed. If the presentation is already built and has content in it, then it is more focused on making necessary enhancements. If it is text heavy, then images, graphic treatments, infographics, charts, tables will need to be created to make the slides easier to digest.

A 3-level guide is used to estimate slide design time and cost:

  • STANDARD: 15 minutes/slide
  • ENHANCED: 45 minutes/slide
  • PREMIUM: 2 hours/slide

  1. Project scoping and objectives
  2. Presentation outline
  3. Digital content acquisition
  4. Template/style development
  5. Body text, graphics, infographics, charts
  6. First draft review/meeting
  7. Core development, revisions and review
  8. Slide transitions,animations, screen effects
  9. Final tweaks/revisions
  10. Distribute/Print/Present